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Our Team

Let us make your traveling easy. No long lines. No TSA. Walk right on our planes and let our team get you to your destination quick and safe!

For your comfort and safety our aircraft have:

  • Pressurized cabins that allow us to fly at higher altitudes, for smoother rides, while keeping the cabin altitude at a comfortable level. This system also has more efficient heating and cooling which provides comfortable cabin temperatures, no matter the season.
  • Turbine-powered engines that produce more power and are more reliable than piston-powered engines.
  • Updated avionics which provide our pilots with unmatched situational awareness, inflight weather, and the ability to conduct precision instrument approaches to smaller airports.


Jonathan Ternes

Director of Operations

Jeffrey Sieger


RD Reimers

Chief Pilot

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Bismarck Air Charter

2301 University Dr. Bldg. 22
Bismarck, ND 58504

Tel: 701-877-4226